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If you’re looking for the best SEO Santa Clarita, congratulations, you found us! We are located in the heart of Valencia and we take pride in knowing that we are helping our local business owner’s expand their visibility online and in turn increasing revenue. We know that by expanding local businesses we will create more jobs for our friends and neighbors and help this city’s occupants thrive.

Dominate the Online Market

Are your competitors scooping up all the business in your area because your business isn’t at the top of the search engines? Do you know what terms people are searching with to try to locate services you provide? You need this information… and fast. 
If there were a solution to all your marketing problems, that would completely change the number and the quality of the people calling and coming in to your business, is there anything that would keep your from taking action? 
If that solution were affordable and based on the increased revenue that you we’re bringing in to your business each and every month, the only way you could say no is if you didn’t want to grow your business with a great ROI investment. That is why you are here. 
Choose a company with a proven record of absolutely dominating the competition for our clients. Act now before your competition finds us and gets a head start on ranking. You will be glad you did.

Search Engine Optimization

We build the best-in-class strategy for search engine optimization, lead generation, and search engine marketing, as well as the development of key Google keywords that will allow you to stomp your competition. It’s complicated, but the formula we use is tested and holds up to most demanding industries and scrutiny.

Reputation Management

Would you let some disgruntled former customer, or worse yet, just someone who has it out for you, blast your good name all over the internet? Well, if it does happen, we can make sure that nobody will ever find those comments by ensuring that your customers will only find your owned and controlled listing in the SERPs.

Social Media

We employ cutting edge social media strategies that get your message out in front of your customers. Not many agencies know how to do this, but we can get your social media page to rank on the search engine. Our techniques combine SEO with Social Media to make your business a dominate force on the web.

Difference Between Us and Our Competitors

If your business is looking for more customers in the Santa Clarita area, or anywhere for that matter, you’ve come to the right place. Our company Wolfgate Media SEO specializes in bringing new customers to your business, no matter what area of work you are in.

We have tons of experience with search engine optimization, reputation management, social media and web design service. Not only can we get your website and other web properties ranked to the top of the search engines like Google – but we can and have literally blanketed the first page for many businesses across the entire world.

Unfortunately, most companies have no idea what they are doing, and will only hurt the presence of your website in the search engines by doing low quality SEO. We know what we are doing and our results have proven it time and time again.

How We Do Things

First, if you have an existing website, we will analyze your website and make sure that there are no problems with any prior search engine optimization work that was done with or without your knowledge. We will check for penalties, and then make any necessary on pages to make sure that your business website is properly optimized.

If you do not have a website, we will build one for you, with proper optimization of course, as we also build websites for our clients if needed.

From there we will make sure that you are verified in Google My Business, and at least have the basics of social media setup to help build power and trust for your site.

Citations are next on the list. Our Santa Clarita SEO company knows exactly the right type of citations to send to your website. We look for relevant and high domain authority citations to make sure to build the proper trust and foundation.

What Happens Now?

At this point we usually have a strangle hold on the competition with our deep understanding of proper optimization with SEO, both on page and off page. This includes the organic results AND the maps listings.

How Google’s Search Engine Works

The way that our company does things, you will naturally rank well in the maps portion and also the organic listings. We can run PPC campaigns as well (paid advertising), but most of our clients find that the return they get from the SEO work we do is way better than any form of paid advertising.

Depending on what type of package you would like to purchase from us, from here we can start totally blanketing the first page for your company by not just ranking your homepage, but also other web properties. We are talking about properties such as Youtube videos, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any citations we have done for you like Yelp.

If you think we could help your business explode, go ahead and fill out our discovery form or if you have any questions just contact us and we’d be happy to help.

To learn more about SCV, visit the website at and to learn more about this unparalleled economic growth visit the Santa Clarita Chamber of Commerce website.